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Building Community Through Music

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220 S. Cliff Avenue
Suite 104
Harrisburg, SD 57032


Private Lessons

30 Minutes: $35

60 Minutes: $65

Payments are made monthly at the beginning of each month.

Group Lessons

30 Minutes: $80/month

60 Minutes: $120/month

Payments are made monthly at the beginning of each month.

In order to obtain the group lesson rate, there must be 3 or more students in a class.

Group Classes
Our Teachers
Even More!

Our Teachers

Kaitlyn Tilghman

Woodwinds & Piano

Kaitlyn started out on the clarinet when she was in the 5th grade and continued with it through college performing in the Mesa College Jazz Band. She received her bachelor's degree in music studies from Berklee College of Music where she emphasized her passion for music education and performance. She has performed in musical theatre orchestras, playing music for shows including  The Phantom of the Opera, Urinetown, and selections from Rent, Chicago, and several others. She has coached in the public schools since 2012 and works as the woodwind instructor at Hope Elementary. 

Kaitlyn currently teaches clarinet, saxophone, flute, and beginning piano.


Group Classes

Jazz BAnd

Students will learn how to listen to and perform various jazz styles from swing, blues, salsa, Latin, and various other forms of jazz. They will learn the rich history of this world inspired American music. Solo opportunities are available in this class. Students will learn how to improvise their own solos.

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Total Scholarship Money Raised!


Music is such an important part of education and life development. We believe that tuition cost should not hinder those who are eager and willing to learn. Tilghman's Academy of Music offers scholarships to those who show great potential and willingness to learn. Scholarships may be given based on teacher recommendations and/or through auditions. Scholarships can be offered for private lessons or for group classes. We put on fundraiser events to help cover the cost for student tuition. Students can also earn credits for classes by volunteering at our fundraising events. For more information about scholarships, please contact us. 

Tilghman's AOM

Music Olympics!

Watch the 2018 Episodes!

The Music Olympics is a series of 4 competitions students compete in to challenge their overall musicality. Each challenge is presented in an episode. The student with the highest cumulative score at the end of the competition receives a gold medal. 

Only Full Time Tilghman's Academy students are eligible to join in the competition, and there is NO ENTRY FEE!

There are ranges of difficulties based on the performer's own skill level. Each challenge is recorded and can be watched!

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