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Free Material 

Here are some free sample lessons and tutorials we want to share with you. Why give away free lessons? It's because we believe that everyone should have access to music.  Follow us on social media for more freebies and giveaways.
Piano Lessons

Check out our simple piano lessons. Each lesson is a tutorial of a new song. These songs are great for beginners of all ages. Kids 3-6 years of age may need parent's guidance. 

Record your songs and tag us on social media @TilghmansAOM.

Want to get a deeper understanding of piano? You can book private lessons with one of our instructors who can meet with you directly from your computer. Go to the Apply tab to get more information. 

Musical Craft Time

Make your own musical instruments at home.

Share your crafts with us @TilghmansAOM.

Introduction to Other Instruments

In these videos you can see the very first steps to making a sound on various instruments. This is good for exploring different types of instruments. At the end of the videos, you may see a special offer for your first lesson if you'd like to take your ability to the next level. 

Free Master Classes

We have some upcoming free classes.

Check out our classes tab to see more that you can tune into live.

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