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Brass Instructor

Studied Theory and Piano at Miramar College

Studied Composition and Jazz Performance

at Mesa College

Chris has been learning music most of his life from making first chair of the trumpet section in his high school band to studying and teaching music full time for more than a decade. Chris has coached brass sectionals covering all of the brass family instruments to elementary and middle school students.

Chris is trained classically. He has performed in jazz bands, worship groups, and contemporary styles. He excels in music theory and composition. Chris is a great instructor for those students looking to go in depth into the building blocks of music through the study of theory, composition, and various styles of music. 

Student Reviews:

By Renee W.

"Chris is very patient with my daughter, as she can be more focused on wanting to play notes than carefully listen. He is structured and organized, and brings a wealth of knowledge to the lesson. I like that he teaches both music theory and technique, and holds high standards. He imparts a sense of musical enjoyment and humor during the learning process."

By Katrina W.

"He is always encouraging me and he is kind."

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